3 Steps to Add NEW Authority to OLD Content

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I see this with my clients all the time, and I’m sure you’ve run into the issue as well.

You have an older piece of content on your site that’s really good, but it just sits there doing nothing….no traffic…no shares…no interaction…nada.

Let’s walk though the process of adding AUTHORITY to that page, and in effect…the ranking, shares, and interaction will go up.

Cool Old Man

You are NEVER too old to change stuff up and be interesting again.

These are the 3 Steps to Add NEW Authority to OLD Content:

1. More links to the page

I know there is nothing revolutionary at all about this concept…but it still works.

But how do you do it?

no value my links!

We hear ya bro…

Well, if it is a page with commercial intent (you are selling something directly), have a sale/discount that can only be accessed through that page…then submit a press release announcing it.

An awesome tool for promoting a product/service online and getting a LOT of social media pickups and links is a plugin named Contest Burner (not an affiliate link).  You can create contests built around people to interacting with your site’s content and building social signals to it.  Powerful stuff.

Also…make sure you maximize your internal link juice too.  If you have multiple pages targeting the same term, consider 301′ing them to the page you want to boost.

2. Increase CTR

If this is not a very competitive term, you can set up a job at ShortTask.com that will bump up the CTR to your result.

Push it up baby!

Push it up baby!

Create the job to search for the target keyword, click on your result, and take some other type of action (fill out a form, watch a video, etc).

Take about 50% of the daily searches for that term, and set that as the number of searches you order at ShortTask.

You can probably pay about $.05 a search.  So if there are 100 searches a day for that term, you’ll just spend $5/day.

You can also buy PPC ads, and test headlines and descriptions.  If you find a winning ad that gets a higher CTR, change your Title and Description on your organic listing to match it.

DONT FORGET to set up Google Authorship, so your profile picture will be next to the result…this will boost CTR significantly

I also use a plugin named Viral Rating Maximizer (no longer available) that adds rich snippet data (in this case “stars”) next to my results.  There are probably similar plugins available…my buddy Mark Thompson created in a year or so ago…so I’m biased to this one.  :)  Basically its just another way to make your listing stand out in the SERP.

3. Update & Improve Content

One of the best ways is to add in a video at the top of the page, with a compelling thumbnail…that compels a visitor to press “Play”.

This will boost interactivity on the site and give you a boost.


I’m sure more than one guy will try to play this video..even though its just an image…even though I’m telling them right now it won’t work. Try one more time to make sure bro.

Any other type of visual improvement is ***authority branding*** (like what I’m doing with getting people on WSJ, ABC, NBC, etc). This builds immediate trust and keeps people on the site longer.

You should also try to link out to a few authority sites from the target page. Find a related article on HuffingtonPost, WSJ, or CNN.  I always try to link to Wikipedia as well.   If there is a top industry blog or new site…drop one to an article on their site too.

That’s it…pretty simple stuff when you break it down.

Let me know your thoughts below.


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  1. Hi Brian. I can’t get that video of the chick to play mate. Lol. :)
    Great simple stuff in what’s becoming a very complex industry.
    All the best to you and family mate
    John in Aus.

  2. Hi Brian,

    These are “what is working” now type action steps that are worth gold – many thanks for the real world facts regarding whats really working with authority and SEO.

    ~Mark “Seo Traffic Expert” Brown

  3. Powerful easy to follow methods… Brian I continue to be amazed with the advice you provide and as always I am off to implement… Thank You!

  4. I got the video to work no probs!!!


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